Los hilos de la vida

Folkloric story quilts by Latina women in Anderson Valley

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring of 2007

*Photo Session with John Blaustein for the Irvine Foundation-A big thank you to John . He is also taking the photos for the book we are making, featuring quilts and stories of 45 Los Hilos de la Vida Artists.
*Lee Serrie and Los Hilos are still working on our Documentary film which we plan to have completed in June 2007
*Women's Cancer Resource Center, Oakland show was 11/2006 to 2/2007. We want to thank Art & Remembrance for the royal treatment at our opening, for providing money for transportation, for helping us with advertising costs and for doing a dual show with us so viewers could compare/contrast the artwork of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz (a fabric artist who depicts scenes of her childhood during the Polish Holocaust) to the works of the artists of Los Hilos de la Vida
*Rural Community Assistance Corporation Conference-Long Beach, February 26-March 1st
*A special thanks to Karen Musgrave for promoting our program from Chicago. She recently came out in March and interviewed our quilters for the Save our Stories Project, a project of the Alliance for American Quilts . Upon her return to Chicago she wrote a wonderful article about Los Hilos which will come out in the December 2007 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. AND THEN Karen called Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) and helped us get accepted for the October 2008 Show! We'll see you there!
*Breggo Cellars, Boonville until April 2007
*Scharffenberger Cellars, Philo Until April 2007
*Mendocino Hotel, Mendocino-May 3-17. opening Cinco de Mayo for info call Jaime at 937-0051 or Molly at (707)895-3277.
*Memorial Weekend Quilt Show, Guests of Honor May 25, 26, 27 363 North Main Street, FB
*La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley June-July
*Lauren's Restaurant - Don't miss the Art Walk on the 4th of July! The show will be up until August.
*August or TBA: We also hope to have our new book printed and ready for signing during our show at Lauren's.


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At 3:26 PM, Blogger Misha said...

Hi, Hilos de la Vida,
I am trying to reach Lee Serrie regarding the documentary made about this project. I am from the International Latino Film Festival and it is very important that I get in touch with someone from the film asap. My email is misha@latinofilmfestival.org and the festival's phone number is 415.513.5308.
Misha MacLaird
International Latino Film Festival -- San Francisco Bay Area


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